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Transportation Routing Software: Should You Reconsider?

If your business requires delivery of products and services to customers on a consistent basis, the odds are good that your transportation and routing costs are cutting into your bottom line. Finding the most efficient set of routes can be quite challenging and demanding, but doing so will improve your customer service and reduce your transportation costs. Your primary concern as far as distribution is prompt delivery at the lowest possible cost. In order to ensure the continued success of your business, it is important that your routing decisions increase and maintain your current service levels while simultaneously increasing profitability. Here we give you a few reasons why you may want to reconsider transportation routing software.

Transportation routing software can prove to be advantageous in more ways than one. The purpose of this software is to enhance your routing by merging software solutions and relevant knowledge. It serves as a catalyst for increased profits and customer satisfaction by:

  • Minimizing the number of vehicles and drivers you need to serve all your customers
  • Decreasing number of miles traveled and therefore the cost of fuel
  • Virtually eliminating overtime pay due to inconsistencies or poor route planning
  • Reducing the effort and staff time essential to determining optimal territories and routes

Not only can transportation routing software reduce costs but it can also improve your reputation among consumers and increase employee morale.

All of these factors will play a key role in efficient service, increased productivity, and reducing costs. Each of these points are of ultimate importance to sustain proficient business operations. You could actually be unintentionally doing your customers and employees a disservice by not utilizing transportation routing software. Customers expect reliability, dependability, and efficiency while your employees expect the necessary equipment to perform their duties competently. You want your business to be among the best in your industry; let transportation routing software assist in your continued success.

Enhance Your Commercial Route with GPS Route Planning Technology

More and more fleet companies are turning to GPS technology for route planning solutions. These services provide a bird’s eye view for dispatchers, ensuring the fleet is running efficiently and that drivers are using the best route possible. When it takes your fleet drivers a reduced amount of time to get from point A to point B, this results in more jobs completed each day, less time wasted and reduced fuel consumption. Together, all of these things add up to a better bottom line.

The Assistance of Route Planning from GPS Tracking

Each benefit offered by GPS route planning ultimately leads to a more efficient business. The specific benefits include:

  • Ability to know where drivers are around the clock to dispatch someone who is closest to customers in need.
  • Ability to receive analysis of local traffic conditions to help drivers avoid construction or slow areas.
  • Ability to have the quickest route to a certain destination detected automatically.
  • Ability to monitor fuel consumption more closely to better coordinate fuel stops.
  • Ability to help drivers from getting lost or help them get back on track if they become lost.

Affordable Investments That Simply Make Sense

Integrating GPS technology into your fleet management services ensures that you know exactly what is going on, how efficient your drivers are and if route changes need to be made. Additionally, when you invest in GPS services, you will receive a great value that will pay for itself when used on a consistent basis.

GPS technology is beneficial for businesses that manage fleets in two ways: it helps their drivers and the dispatchers. This can increase your business’s productivity, ensure higher quality customer service, reduce your costs and ensure that drivers operate vehicles in a safe manner. If you manage one, or an entire fleet of delivery business vehicles, GPS technology is a service you should consider investing in.

How Big Companies Use Map Software to Improve Fleet Management

When you hear the term GPS, you probably picture a device on the windshield or dashboard of a vehicle, allowing the driver to obtain turn-by-turn directions. Navigation and route planner software, however, are only two aspects of GPS units. Maps in your GPS device are constantly updated to give you the most pertinent information.

Business Uses of GPS and Map Software

GPS is quite valuable for businesses, helping them track their trucks and light vehicles. It can also be used for other assets of companies, such as compressors and generators. Small GPS units can be installed on assets in 15 minutes or less.
GPS navigation devices are registered with tracking programs, which identify vehicles so that they can be tracked and managed. Map software can also show location and note whether the vehicle is moving or idle.

How Business Managers Use GPS Map Software for Fleet Management

GPS route planner software allows managers to track the location of vehicles and other assets on a dashboard type map that allows them to zoom in on any specific vehicles. Some systems also allow managers to contact the drivers.

Fleet managers can track only GPS data that is pertinent to them. Customized business usage plans feature custom alerts that allow managers to make sense out of the large amount of data that is collected.

Drivers Who Are Speeding Can Be Corrected

Managers can ensure that their drivers are operating their vehicles at safe rates of speed. Vehicles that are dangerously driven can affect not only other drivers, but the business as well. Customized alerts can be established for specific vehicles, with emails sent if the driver is speeding or otherwise driving in an unsafe manner.

Fleet Location Is Vital to Management

While your business site may be in one area, your job sites may be miles away. Map software allows you to reliably track multiple vehicles closely to ensure that they are complying with the requirements in the area in which they are working.
An alert can be configured that will notify you when fleet vehicles are being used outside of business hours or in unauthorized areas.

The Future of Fleet Management

Fleet vehicles are easily tracked by GPS, which makes fleet management easier. Monitoring vehicles is only one aspect of the services available for business managers. Map software also enables your drivers to get right to a job site, without delays for traffic or road closures.
The data you collect can be utilized for future business plans, including the costs projected for new jobs or the planning of work schedules. GPS software can provide reliable, accurate data for fleet vehicles.
The company from which you purchase GPS map software has the experience and expertise to help you monitor and handle fleet management of vehicles owned or leased by your company. Having control over your fleet vehicles will give you peace of mind and can save you money.

Google Purchases Waze

When Google purchased Waze, there were questions since Google already offered some of the services provided by Waze. The map software of the joint company offerings provides reliable information about the roads that you travel and traffic congestion along your way.
Waze does have user engagement, which Google may utilize with map software that allows GPS to track its users.

Drivers can enter information about accidents and road construction, which is helpful to others. Waze also includes significant advances in technology not found in Google maps. It also offers business features not offered by the original Google map software.
The technological prowess of Waze and the features offered by fleet management are integrated into GPS units that can be used to plan routes and also to track commercial vehicles.

Vacation season is upon us: You can still route multiple locations with ease

Now that summer is almost here, you’re probably getting ready to field many vacation requests from your drivers. It’s always the same thing every year, and your drivers work hard, so you know they deserve some time off when the weather gets warmer. Even so, that generally means more work for either you, or for your office staff. However, with the right computer program or website, you can route multiple locations without pulling your hair out when you’re trying to deal with the changes.

Ease Your Drivers’ Minds

Whenever one of your drivers has to take a day off from their regular route, it probably causes a bit of chaos for your staff, as well as for the driver who has to take over. That chaos can be multiplied when drivers take a week or two off for vacations. Perhaps most of your drivers don’t know that particular route at all, or they’re not even familiar with the area. That can cause them a great deal of anxiety, and their days can be pretty frustrating by the time they’re finished. When you use a route planner you’ll find that making the changes is easy to the routes, and your drivers will be informed about all of the stops they’ll be making, even if they’ve never been to the area before.

Save Money

Making route changes takes a lot of time and energy. It takes you and your staff away from your other duties around the office or in the field. Not to mention, when drivers are not familiar with their routes, they often make a lot of wrong turns, or even get lost easily. When you use a route planner your company will save a great deal of money in every area of your business. Your route planning will be efficient, which allows you to maintain a consistent workflow in the office, and your drivers won’t have to put unnecessary miles on your vehicles.

Maintain Excellent Customer Service

When it comes right down to it, your goal is to keep your customers happy. Most likely, some of them expect their deliveries at a certain time. It’s an inconvenience to them when they have to wait. The right route planning method will make any changes you need to make to your routes absolutely seamless to the customer. That means you’ll be able to maintain your excellent customer service reputation, no matter what route planning challenges you might face.

If you would like more information about our routing program, and how it could work for your company, we’d love to talk to you. Please contact us today.