Vacation season is upon us: You can still route multiple locations with ease

Now that summer is almost here, you’re probably getting ready to field many vacation requests from your drivers. It’s always the same thing every year, and your drivers work hard, so you know they deserve some time off when the weather gets warmer. Even so, that generally means more work for either you, or for your office staff. However, with the right computer program or website, you can route multiple locations without pulling your hair out when you’re trying to deal with the changes.

Ease Your Drivers’ Minds

Whenever one of your drivers has to take a day off from their regular route, it probably causes a bit of chaos for your staff, as well as for the driver who has to take over. That chaos can be multiplied when drivers take a week or two off for vacations. Perhaps most of your drivers don’t know that particular route at all, or they’re not even familiar with the area. That can cause them a great deal of anxiety, and their days can be pretty frustrating by the time they’re finished. When you use a route planner you’ll find that making the changes is easy to the routes, and your drivers will be informed about all of the stops they’ll be making, even if they’ve never been to the area before.

Save Money

Making route changes takes a lot of time and energy. It takes you and your staff away from your other duties around the office or in the field. Not to mention, when drivers are not familiar with their routes, they often make a lot of wrong turns, or even get lost easily. When you use a route planner your company will save a great deal of money in every area of your business. Your route planning will be efficient, which allows you to maintain a consistent workflow in the office, and your drivers won’t have to put unnecessary miles on your vehicles.

Maintain Excellent Customer Service

When it comes right down to it, your goal is to keep your customers happy. Most likely, some of them expect their deliveries at a certain time. It’s an inconvenience to them when they have to wait. The right route planning method will make any changes you need to make to your routes absolutely seamless to the customer. That means you’ll be able to maintain your excellent customer service reputation, no matter what route planning challenges you might face.

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